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DaiHan Anchor Chain
thinks of people and the environment first

DaiHan Anchor Chain Mfg. Co., Ltd. practices green management by applying stricter criteria than the regulations and laws require. By considering the environment, safety and public health, we seek green management to protect products, process, workshop and local society as well as the global environment.

DaiHan Anchor Chain Mfg. Co., Ltd. will be a leading company for sustainable development by contributing to improvements in quality of human life and will preserve the global environment by focusing on people and nature. We will do our best in our philosophy and our practices to provide unlimited reliability to our customers and affiliate companies.

HSE policy

Based on its management philosophy of Respect for Human, Daihan Anchor Chain Manufacturing Co., Ltd. puts health(H), safety(s) and environment(E) as essential factors in management, and endeavor to achieve no-accidents workplace and environmental-friendly company.

The company endeavors to achieve customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and interested parties satisfaction, by continual Improvement of environmental aspects and OH&S risk, in the stage of design, production, painting and delivery of products.

- The company endeavors to continually improve significant environmental aspects and risk, and achieves the established
- The company provides financial and technical support to be acceptable level, thru risk management of HSE, and endeavors
   not to occur injury by risk and occupational disease.
- All employees shall comply with legal and other requirements related to HSE.