• Quality
  • QM System

Quality Policy

All employees of the company shall,
to meet the requirement of customer
and changing market field, endeavor to

- Effectively utilize available resources and necessary resources supply,
- Continually improve the effectiveness of QHSE(Quality, Environment, Safety & Health)Management System through
  compliance with the requirements of relevant customer and regulations,
- Enhance continually the customer satisfaction and profit realization

The Quality Director shall indoctrinate the quality policy to all employees, and each Department Manager shall also indoctrinate the quality policy to his department personnel and establish the quality objective after full understanding of quality policy.

Quality Director shall review the quality policy during the management review to maintain the continual adequacy in meeting the customer requirements and, if necessary, due to change of internal or external business environment.

All employees shall fully understand and implement the quality policy and objective, and endeavor to continually improve customer satisfaction and QHSE(Quality, Environment, Safety & Health) Management System.