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Process Control

Process   Parameter   Procedure No.
Bar Cutting   Length in accordance with the size   DES-E-M-100
Bar Heating   Temperature(Furnace atmosphere)   DES-E-M-101
Bending   Surface condition, Temperature, C-clamp distance   DES-E-M-102
Flash Butt Welding   Chain diameter, Initial grip separation, Flash length and Flash speed, Upset length and speed, Minimum upsetting speed, Set-up tap for secondary voltage(Welding voltage), Cooling time, Upsetting/Clamping power, Power cutting point during upsetting, Acceleration before the start of the upsetting, Mean current / Control of upper limit for set-up current Surface Condition   DES-E-M-103
Trimming   Welded surface condition, Control of cutting knife   DES-E-M-104
Stud Inserting   Link dimension, Stud setting point, Stud shape   DES-E-M-105
Stud Welding   Current , Voltage, Beaded width, Qualified welder   DES-E-M-106
Heat Treatment   Temperature(Furnace atmosphere, Cooling water), Travel speed   DES-E-M-107
Proof Load Test   Required load, Surface crack   DES-E-M-105
Dimension Check   Length of five link, Total length, Links dimension check, Visual inspection   DES-E-M-112
  UT : Phased array type , MPI : Yoke type, Fluorescent magnetic particles,
Qualified procedure and inspector (Level Ⅱ & Ⅲ)
Breaking Load Test   Required load, Surface crack, Abnormal breaking, Holding time (30s)   MAP-002
Mechanical Test   Tensile strength, Yield strength, Elongation, Reduction of area, Absorbed energy (Parent/Weld/Bend part)   DHAC-NDT-U- 001C
Painting   Surface condition, Thickness (Thickness in accordance with the customer requirement)   DES-E-M-108