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Research & Development

To produce high quality products that meets or exceeds customer’s needs, DaiHan Anchor Chain Mfg. Co., Ltd. invests & supports constantly in R & D. Continuous investment in R & D is the first step toward customer satisfaction.
Design development of
Offshore Mooring Chains
Finite Element Analysis
We satisfy customers’ needs by determining stress distribution that affects the link in the Mooring system through FEA(Finite Element Analysis) method when developing chain or changing design.
Fatigue Life Test
A Mooring Chain has to endure at least 25 years in tides, winds and the corrosive & harsh offshore environment. For this reason, the fatigue life of a chain is the utmost importance. We installed 6300kN Fatigue Tester to test fullscale chain and accessories for each grade (R5, R4S, R4, R3S & R3) at air and salt water conditions, and also make efforts to develop long-term Fatigue Life Chain.
S-N Fatigue Curve
Stress Corrosion Crack
Mooring Chains used in a harsh offshore environment are vulnerable to fracture due to Stress Corrosion Crack undertensile stress and corrosion conditions. DaiHan Anchor Chain Mfg. Co., Ltd. carries out Stress Corrosion Cracking Test for Mooring Chain in collaboration with Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute under various conditions in order to manufacture and design the best quality chains to prevent early cracking.
Higher Strength Chain
We are developing extra high strength materials for Mooring Chains in collaboration with SeAH Besteel Corp., who is special steel manufacturer and will promote Grade R6 mater ial development steadily as our joint research project.
Grade Tensile Strength Remarks
R4S 960 Mpa Completed
R5 1000 Mpa Completed
R6 1200 Mpa On-going Project
Advantages of higher strength chain
• Reduce weight when installation of mooring chains
• Improve the mechanical properties of chain by Double Heat Treatment(Double quenching & tempering)
• Increase fatigue life of chain
(Crack Tip Opening Displacement Test)
Mooring Chain used for the safe installation of offshore structures require Mechanical Properties Test(Tensile Strength and Impact value) as well as CTOD Test for soundness evaluation for the chains. Team up with Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction, we carry out full scale CTOD tests for mooring chains of each grade and temperature with full scale specimen.